Do you know what's in your soil?
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A&L Canada Labs Introduces New Soil Health Tests
Phase 1

The “Living Soil” is a term you may have heard recently to describe the growing need to look at soil, not as dirt, but as living and thriving with organisms, micro organisms, nutrients, and complex networks of interdependencies.

To help growers gain an inside look into their soils and make better decisions, A&L Canada Labs has recently introduced a new suite of “Soil Health Tests”.

This first phase of the “Soil Health Tests” will provide analysis that addresses the chemical, biological and physical components that impact Soil Health.

Followed later this Spring by Phase 2 of the Soil Health Tests which will identify what functions the microorganisms express to improve plant growth and productivity.


To learn more please read the A&L Canada Labs Announcement, visit our website or contact one of the Taurus reps in your area.

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Soil Health Tests Available:
O.M., pH, Buffer pH, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Boron, Copper, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Aluminum, C.E.C., % saturation of cations, K:Mg ratio, EC, %P, %Al3+, Solvita CO2-C, PMN, Active C, Soil Health Index
Additional Soil Health Tests:

Solvita Burst test

Solvita + NO3

Solvita +N03 + NH4

Residual Chemistry Profile Index

C:N ratio


Texture + Available Water holding capacity estimate 2017

Available Water Holding Capacity

Heavy Metals

Beneficial Nematodes


Root/ Soil Microbial Profile

SAP Microbial Analysis – Analysis of Endophytes and Metabolites




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