Published: August, 2018

Topics: Fertility

Type: Taurus Trial Results

Get the fall fertilizer degradation trial results

Ongoing research shows that replacing 25% of MAP or DAP with a struvite fertilizer can significantly increase the amount of on-demand, plant-available Phosphorus throughout the following growing season.

This has been supported by a newly released study by North Dakota State University. Cereals extension agronomist, Joel Ransom, conducted rate of release trials after harvest over an eight month period, from October 1st to July 2018. Hundreds of sample bags with MAP, DAP and Crystal Green® were buried at five depths in a neutral pH.

Across all depths, only 5% to 18% of the MAP was recovered, while 94% to 98% of the Crystal Green (struvite) was recovered.

This trial is a must read for anyone planning their fall MAP or DAP applications.

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