Published: March 27, 2019

Topics: Fertility

Type: Taurus Webinar

Watch "Nurturing Seeds & Seedlings to Achieve their Potential: a plant's perspective" Taurus Webinar  

With seeds there is no such thing as too much coddling. In this webinar, plant specialist Mike Dolinski will take you through a seed’s early life: from formation to nutrient content to germination. Which seeds are best? And what planting issues should you be aware of?

From there, Mike goes through a seedling’s formative years up to herbicide application, shedding light on root and shoot development formation, and reproductive system formation.
Nurturing seeds cover

During this webinar you'll learn:

  • How a seed is formed & prepared for germination

  • Which seeds are best for yield & how to find them

  • The nutrient content of a seed

  • About the germination process

  • Shoots and root development in seed

  • When reproductive organs are formed

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