Published: April 2, 2018

Topics: Fertility

Type: Taurus Video

Watch the taurus video on interpreting soil health test reports, presented by a&l canada labs 

A&L Canada Laboratories has created an innovative Soil Health Test Report that provides an effective and accurate measurement of beneficial microbes in the soil. This data builds on the existing nutrient information to provide a more comprehensive understanding of soil health.

This test measures organic carbon, reactive carbon and organic & inorganic N, and also includes Solvita Testing (CO2-C). It not only reveals the levels of microbial activity in the soil, but also identifies which micros are at work. Essentially, this test differentiates between beneficial microbials that have a positive impact on production and those that have minimal (or neutral) impact.

Armed with this information, growers will be able to take proactive steps to increase the population of these beneficial microbes. 

Learn how to interpret this invaluable report in this informative video.

View video here: