Introducing SUL4R-PLUS®


SUL4R-PLUS® is an innovative, granular, calcium sulfate fertilizer proven to enhance soil health and improve crop nutrition.  The seed safe features of SUL4R-PLUS® make it a great partner to help growers reduce salt index and boost soil health. This fertilizer offers immediate availability to the plant by preventing moisture absorption from the air and dissolving only through contact with water in the soil solution. 

Key benefits include:

  • Proven to enhance soil quality and increase crop yields

  • Contains 21% Calcium and 17% Sulfur and doubles as a soil amendment

  • Low salt index (less than 8), keeps seeds safe and   can be applied in furrow

  • Uniform granules means it spreads evenly and completely

  • Dust free

  • Granules dissolve on contact with water in the soil solution for immediate availability to the plant

  • Exclusive patented technology

  • Retains hardness and shape in heat and humidity

  • Works with other inputs for easy blending and applications




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